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you know what i realized during last night’s episode? the episode with garth where he has a family, the scene with mama tran leaving with her son, this episode of jody finally having someone to take care of again… supernatural is making preparations for the end. they’re closing up shop on all the characters, tying up every loose end and giving each character’s story a meaningful place to end.i feel like we’ve reached the eleventh hour of the show as a whole



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"She’s my sister, she would never hurt me.”


Don’t effing tell me 67 is not a good year
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That’s what I’m talking about when I say how much Sebastian gets Ciel.

He did look at the picture and loved it, but because Ciel did not want it he burned it. He did not try to force him to take the picture because it’s nice and a reminder of a successful win, something that Ciel should have as a trophy maybe, instead he decided to prepare an exceptionally sweet cake for Ciel, knowing that it will be a trophy in his way, but a subtle one which Ciel will take.

It reminds how they just get each other. 

Jody Mills in 9x19


This is a super duper quick sketch in pen for Laana because I promised that cutie AGES ago that I had a Dean picture for her

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